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Crest is an American Company established in Florida at 1980 that designs and manufactures audio equipment such as studio, loudspeakers and DJ Portable sound for enterprise customers. It ranks among the top manufacturers of high-end high-fidelity sound systems. We offer high performance, Better quality, Crystal Clear and Precise voice through our high-end range of speakers. we spread our product presence to most parts of the world.

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Based on the experience developed with Christina Stuermer, the palmer produced the Iconic Two-Way loudspeaker using 15-inch woofer for Stage Lighting. At the time 1980, our main purpose of the company to develop the speaker system with multiple speakers aimed to reflect and replicate the sound in the concert hall. In 1994 we introduced the stereo speaker system which was the immediate commercial success. So, we installed the Research and Development center for further deeper studies. The Crest VRX Series was the mainstay of the Crest lineup for many years. Over the two Past decades Crest more Bass Market with the consumer line of loudspeakers. At the time we transform our product from the entry-level market into High-end Market with project speakers and VRX series Loudspeaker..

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