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GEO S1210 12″ High Cost Efficiency Loudspeaker

1. 2-way full range speaker ;
2. 12 inch woofer and one 3 inch driver ;
3. Cabinet is high-density birch plywood ;
4. narrow-Q (10°) device in single-source mode;
5. 4x GEO S1210 in parallel HF: 1000 to 1800W into 4Ω LF: 2000 to 3600W into 4Ω

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GEO S1210 12″ High Cost Efficiency Loudspeaker


Compact 2-way GEO S1210 is a scalable highoutput loudspeaker . With a narrow Q value of the point sound source speaker, the use of patented HRW hyperbolic reflection wave source technology, can put many units GEO S1210 speakers into a line array. GEO S1210’s beautiful and ergonomic design is for all the strong sound of the application, its design can be used for fixed installation and mobile performances, it is the high cost efficiency of the strong sound system.


• Stadia/Arena/Auditorium Installations
• High Traffic Walkways and Public Waiting Areas
• Foreground Playback for Nightclubs and Discos
• Corporate AV and Presentation Systems
• Portable Entertainment and DJ Systems
• Small to Mid-Size Tour Systems


Crest Two way Bi-amped line array


Model GEO S1210 12 inch speaker box design
Drivers HF: 1x 3” voice coil LF: 1x 12”neodymium driver
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 53 Hz – 19 kHz
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 97dB SPL
Nominal Impedance LF: 8ohms, HF: 8ohms
Power rated(rms) 750 watts
Peak Power handling 3000 watts
Usable range @-6dB 50Hz – 20kHz
Shape 10° Trapezoid
Powered Version Crest Customized Powered Module
Dimensions (Wx D x H) 344 x 675 x 378 mm
Enclosure Material 15mm plywood
Net weight 28kg / 33kg powered
Input Connectors Neutrik NL4MPX2

Specs of speaker drivers
GEO S1210 full range line array:

GEOS1210 12 inch woofer 12NDL76-16.pdf

GEOS1210 3 inch HF driver DE900-16 -.pdf


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