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VT4889 3 Way Dual 15″ High Performance Power Audio Speaker Linear System

1. High effeciency Neodymium Drivers
2. Proprietary rigging system
3. High power output and light weight
4. High-intensity multi-storey plywood enclosure

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VT4889 3 Way Dual 15″ High Performance Power Audio Speaker Linear System


VT4889 can be used in different venues according to the different sound requirements, indoor or outdoor, middle or large performance.

VT4889 speakers are designed for theaters, stadiums, outdoor performancevenuescarefully, high-density plywood enclosure housing two 15-inch high-power neodymium magnet low frequency driver and 4 x 8 inch MF and 3 65mm tweeter for high power neodymium-Iron-Boroncomposition, high power and high efficient long range speaker

VT4889 has a true natural performance, its greatest feature is the smallsize, light weight, projection distance, high sensitivity, high sound pressure levels, clear voice, good reliability,voice cover evenly between regional ect.


1. Advanced construction techniques and hybrid materials provide exceptionally rigid, lightweight
enclosure construction.
2. High effeciency Neodymium Drivers
3. Proprietary rigging system
4. High power output and light weight
5. High-intensity multi-storey plywood enclosure
6. High polyester granules external spray paint, can withstand all kinds of friction and collisions


1>. Concert Hall ;Theater
2>. Stage Monitor
3>. Professional Stage
4>. Fill-in system for main PA
5>. Professional Multi-purpose Hall
6>. Pavilion
7>. Auditoriums


Frequency Response 50Hz-18KHz
Driver LF:2 x 15″ high efficiency Neodymium magnet driver
MF:4 x 8″ high efficiency Neodymium magnet driver
HF:2 x 3″ high efficiency Neodymium magnet driver
Power Rating LF:1000W Continuous,4000W Peak
MF:700W Continuous,2800W Peak
HF:120W Continuous,480W Peak
Nominal impedance LF:2×8 ohms
MF:1×8 ohms
HF:1×16 ohms
Sensitivity 99 dB LF, 102 dB MF, 116 dB HF (1W/1m)
Dimension(HxWxD) 489mmx1213mmx546mm
Net Weight(kg) 72

Specs of speaker drivers
VT4889 dual 15 inch line array speaker drivers:

VT4889 15 inch woofer 15NW100.pdf

VT4889 8 inch MF driver 8MBX15.pdf

VT4889 3 inch HF driver DE800-8.pdf


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